Fusion Liquid Fe (10lts)

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Fusion Liquid Fe is a concentrated liquid iron formulation containing 6.5% Fe for application throughout the year. Iron is an essential constituent of the chlorophyll molecule. Regular applications of Fusion Liquid Fe will stimulate chlorophyll production. The latest improvements to Fusion Liquid Fe mean that it is now fully compatible in a tank mix with other products.

  • Fusion Liquid Fe
Pack Size: 
Approx. longevity: 
4-6 weeks
Cutting height: 
Guaranteed analysis: 
6.5% Fe
Application rate (per Ha): 
Application rate (per 100m²): 
100-200 ml/100m2
Water rate (per Ha) (liquid/soluble chems only): 
300-600 lt/Ha
Water rate (per 100m²) (liquid/soluble chems only): 
3-6 lt/100m2
Application method: 
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