Indigrow 8 Pure Fescue Grass Seed


Indigrow 8 has been designed for greens, tees and fairways and is perfect for overseeding. It has a 100% fine fescue blend ideal for a sustainable management programme. It has top rated, proven cultivars which are drought tolerant and highly resistant to disease.

  • 100% Fescue mixture for low maintenance and input levels
  • Excellent Spring/Summer overseeding and species conversion
  • Good salt tolerance
  • Suits traditional, sustainable and links style regimes
  • Sowing depth – 4-7mm
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Characteristic Value
Cultivars 50% chewings fescue
50% slender creeping red fescue
Cutting height >5mm
Pack Size 20 kg
Coverage 400-1,330 m2
Application Information
Seeding Rate 35-50 g/m²
Overseeding Rate 15-25 g/m²
Water rate N/A
Method Spreader

Additional information

Weight 20 kg