For excellent wear tolerance and recovery on existing and new golf tees and fairways and on cricket outfields. Ideal for divotting, overseeding and new construction work. It produces a fine dense sward with low mowing requirements.This mixture is treated with Headstart® GOLD.

  • Excellent wear tolerance for a fine turf mix
  • Good, year round appearance
  • Lower nutrient, irrigation and maintenance requirements
  • Produces a fine, dense, disease resistant sward


Characteristic Value
Cultivars 25% chewings fescue
20% slender creeping red fescue
40% strong creeping red fescue
10% smooth stalked meadow grass
5% browntop bent
Cutting height >6mm
Pack Size 20 kg
Coverage 575-1,330 m2
Application Information
Seeding Rate 25-35 g/m²
Overseeding Rate 15-25 g/m²
Water rate N/A
Method Spreader

Additional information

Weight 20 kg