MM75R Grass Seed


A traditional mixture, especially useful for spring overseeding of high quality sportsfields to improve sward composition and aid recovery from disease scarring. MM575R grows and germinates at lower soil temperatures. The Matrix in the mixture helps provide early spring growth. This mixture is treated with Headstart® GOLD.

  • Fast ground cover and establishment
  • Winter and spring overseeding
  • Headstart® GOLD helps winter germination speed
  • Unique and exclusive to the MM range


Characteristic Value
Cultivars 20% enhanced ryegrass
30% perennial ryegrass
10% annual ryegrass
40% amenity tetraploid ryegrass
Cutting height >25mm
Pack Size 20 kg
Coverage 265-575 m2
Application Information
Seeding Rate 35-75 g/m²
Overseeding Rate 35-75 g/m²
Water rate N/A
Method Spreader

Additional information

Weight 20 kg