Optik Isolator OneShot

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Optik Isolator OneShot is a multi-functional spraying aid designed to reduce pH, improve mixing and compatibility in the tank. The formulation enhances the efficacy of foliar applied fertilisers by giving optimum spray tank stability, accurate application and improved plant uptake and active ingredient translocation. It is a cost effective water treatment additive containing complexed acidifiers to reduce pH and bicarbonates. It should be used as a spray tank buffer for high pH and high alkalinity water.

  • Complexed acidifiers to reduce pH and hydrolysis
  • A long chain polymer based water softener with low foaming formulation
  • A sequestering agent to isolate Cationic contaminants
  • Buffering agents to improve tank mixing compatibility
  • Typically, for water at a stating pH of 7.8, the addition of 2-4 sachets per 300 lt of spray tank water will reduce the pH to approximately pH 5.5. The amount required will depend on a number of factors including the starting pH, the hardness of the water and the desired finishing pH.

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Specification Value
Pack Size 20 sachets
Coverage 5-10 ha
Application Information
Application Rate 2-4 sachets
Water rate 300 lt
Method Sprayer

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