Solar Ca + Mg

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Solar Ca Mg has been developed for application to turf containing low levels of calcium and magnesium. It can be applied regularly with low application levels, to help provide added colour to the turf. The added calcium in Solar Ca Mg is vital as it has been shown the calcium is often deficient in managed sports turf situations.

  • Strengthens the plant and provides added green up
  • Minimises top growth
  • Fast acting formulation that can be used in tank mix
  • A true foliar feed, absorbed through the leaf

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Specification Value
Approx. Longevity 2-3 weeks
Cutting height Any
Trace elements 8.2% CaO, 4.1% MgO
Pack Size 10 lt
Coverage 5,000-10,000 m2
Application Information
Application Rate 10-20 lt/ha
Water rate 300-600 lt/ha
Method Sprayer
Suggested Soil Temperature for Application (oC)
Minimum Optimum Maximum
3 18

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Weight 10 kg