Solar N

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Solar N is a fully foliar uptake feed containing two nitrogen sources. The combination of these allows for balanced and controlled plant growth. Solar N can be used in isolation, or in combination with other products in a tank mix, utilising the added nitrogen input to boost plant growth.

  • True foliar feed, high nitrogen macro-nutrient formulation
  • For use on managed amenity turf
  • Contains added phosphate, potassium, and iron
  • Fast acting, tank stable formulation

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Specification Value
Approx. Longevity 2-3 weeks
Cutting height Any
Nitrogen source 18.4% urea, 1.0% ammoniacal
Trace elements 1.0% Fe
Guaranteed Analysis 19-4-4
Pack Size 10 lt
Coverage 5,000-10,000 m2
Application Information
Application Rate 10-20 lt/ha
Water rate 300-600 lt/ha
Method Sprayer
Suggested Soil Temperature for Application (oC)
Minimum Optimum Maximum
8 18

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Weight 10 kg