TXE 353 Pro

£1,135.00 Ex VAT

Enhanced design for improved performance and greater control, the TXE Pro come complete with a factory fitted flush tank and back-to-tank facility.

  • 25 litre tank (enough for up to 3 football pitches)
  • Line widths from 1” to 5” (2.5 cm to 13 cm)
  • No noise or pollution
  • Easy to use handlebar-mounted controls
  • Reinforced side frames for added strength
  • Fold-over handlebars for easy transport and storage
  • 2.5 litre flush tank uses clean water to flush filter, pump, spray lines and spray head
  • No need to empty tank between jobs or sites
  • Prevents build-up of residues to help prolong the working life of the machine
  • Back-to-tank system enables pressure at spray nozzle to be adjusted to suit conditions
  • Back-to-tank system also agitates liquid in the main tank to help deliver consistent line colour
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